Bill Hees for Cambridge City Council -- Hees #1

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About Bill
Bill Hees stands for:
  • Lower Taxes
  • Property Rights 
  • Fiscal Responsibility

Why vote for Bill?

The Cambridge city budget keeps going up, up, up!
$385 million per year is a costly amount for a city of 100,000 people.  When the economy was good, spending increased.  When the economy faltered, spending still increased.  Commercial revenues are down, so last fall our current City Council relied on jacked-up "housing bubble" assessments to feed the city government's ever-increasing appetite.  They're guilty, but this year's challengers aren't complaining enough.  They accept the overspending and just want to shift the huge tax burden around.  That is, all but one  -- Bill Hees -- who is committed to turning the overspending around. 

Ask yourself, does Cambridge waste any money?  If you said "yes" then vote Bill Hees #1 on November 8th!


Well, the results are in and I didn't win.  I came in 13th out of 18, and only the top 9 win.  I offer my congratulations to challenger Craig Kelley who was elected, and my condolences to incumbent David Maher who didn't make it.
The results are as follows, ordered by placement including transfer votes:
1 Galluccio (incumbent)
2 Sullivan (incumbent)
3 Decker (incumbent)
4 Davis (incumbent)
5 Toomey (incumbent)
6 Murphy (incumbent)
7 Simmons (incumbent)
8 Kelley
9 Reeves (incumbent)
Not Elected:
10 Seidel
11 Maher (incumbent)
12 Gordon
13 Hees
14 Adkins
15 Green
16 LaTremouile
17 Hall
18 Condit
Full results can be found at .
Bill Hees has signed the Center for Small Government's Small Government PledgeSM.

Bill Hees
"Nobody should have to sell their home and leave Cambridge because they can't afford the property taxes!"


Committee to Elect Bill Hees